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As most companies are aware, after the Salesman sells the product, there are many aspects that can discolour a sale, creating bad customer relationships and poor reviews, often by word of mouth. In short, a single member in the company chain can cause untold damage.

In our case, the Apollo Patios / Additions team effort was co-ordinated, professional, screaming that this was a smooth, happy organisation with people who relied on each other for the customer’s greater good.

Ian, from Apollo Additions in Charmhaven sold us the product initially. We dealt with Rachel in the office, then Mat delivered materials, Jason did a check measurement, then Adam arrived to start the installation. Adam just doesn’t stop, constantly measuring and cutting, referring to drawings. I have never witnessed such a professional builder before and he organised electricians and the ceiling delivery, based on his progress. I needed to call the Blacktown office as I had some personal issues, delaying a payment by a few days, but Greg set my mind at rest and we moved on. It is truly wonderful to have a project move so smoothly and I would like to thank you all. Jan and I now have our new spacious entertainment area that exceeds our expectations.

Ian Slattery
Woongarrah , New South Wales