Deck the Halls and Patios: The Ultimate Guide to Winning Christmas This (and Every) Year

It’s that time of year when our thoughts start to turn to tinsel, trimmings and the tantalising aromas of celebratory feasts. Here in Australia, Christmas means swapping snowflakes for sunshine and the opportunity to enjoy our festive spread outside basking in the golden light of summer. Preferably somewhere we can also stay cool and protected from the sun, of course. And where better suited to this than our own backyards, patios, or any outdoor space ready to be transformed into the ultimate Christmas oasis?

With a little creativity, we can design a holiday haven that encapsulates the essence of an Aussie Christmas – vibrant, laid-back, and sun-soaked, yet comfortably cool. Let’s talk about how to create the ultimate backdrop for your festivities.

1. Clear the stage

Before any Christmas celebrations begin, make sure you clear any clutter. Sweep away the fallen frangipani blossoms, pack away the everyday items that build up and make room for merrymaking. In the true Aussie spirit, less is more—except when it comes to cheer and good company. Consider the flow of your space too, and rearrange your outdoor furniture to optimize guest interaction and movement. Make sure there’s a clear path to the barbie, the drinks station, and the seating areas.

2. Make it festive

Deck the space with tinsel, decorations and finishing touches that give your space a festive flair. Incorporate garlands of silver and gold that shimmer in the summer sun, and scatter cushions with pops of red and green to evoke the traditional Christmas colour scheme. Don’t forget to hang some twinkling eco Christmas lights (available at your local hardware store) that will transition your space from sunlit brunch spot to an enchanting evening retreat. These finishing touches bridge the gap between a casual outdoor area and a truly festive, holiday-ready celebration space.

3. Make it fun

Is it even Christmas without games to play while your food digests? Sprinkle in some friendly competition with a round of backyard cricket – a quintessential Aussie Christmas pastime. A giant Jenga set is sure to be a hit, and for those who prefer a mix of strategy and skill, Finska and Kubb provide the perfect blend. Set up these games on your lawn or decking area and watch as guests of all ages join in the fun, creating laughter-filled memories. These activities not only add an element of light-hearted entertainment but also give everyone a chance to bond over some playful rivalry and cheer.

4. Set the Christmas mood

“Alexa, queue Michael Bublé!” Curate the ultimate Christmas playlist that will keep people in the festive mood. Add a splash of Aussie charm with classics from local artists and mix in some summer vibes with upbeat tunes. Set up outdoor speakers to ensure the atmosphere is as warm as the afternoon or evening breeze. Why not pop a reindeer or two in your backyard? Let the music softly fill the air as the scent of BBQ prawns and roasted lamb drifts through the breeze, marrying the melodies with the tastes and joy that sum up everything we love about the Australian Christmas.

5. Keep it cool

Shade is essential to protect your party from the harsh summer sun or, as luck may be, those warm summer showers. If your outdoor space doesn’t have a roof, consider a portable gazebo or marquee to keep your guests comfortable. Fans can help to keep the air flowing on still days and, in the absence of a pool in the backyard, an inflatable splash pool will keep the kids cool and happy.

6. Time for a new barbeque?

As the heartbeat of the Australian backyard, a good barbie is essential to any Christmas gathering. But if your trusty grill is starting to show its age, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. Imagine the delight of your family and friends as you unveil a gleaming new barbecue, wrapped in a big red bow, on Christmas Day. It’s not just a gift to one person; it’s a gift to the entire family that keeps on giving, all summer long.

7. Keep it cost-effective

Keen to keep your spending to a minimum? Use the Australian landscape as inspiration for your decorations. A bit of creativity with local greenery can go a long way without costing a fortune. You might like to gather branches, leaves, and flowers from your garden to create a one-of-a-kind wreath. Crafting stars from beach driftwood or recycled materials can be a family project that adds a personal touch. White Christmas lights are beautiful, but they can run up the electricity bill. Opt for solar-powered lights or candles inside lanterns to give your patio a gentle, cost-effective glow as dusk falls. You may also like to Consider decorating with items that can be consumed to avoid waste, like nuts in their shells, fresh fruit, or even home-baked cookies hanging from ribbons.

Let’s make this Aussie Christmas one for the books – outdoor, over the top, and uniquely ours.

Merry Christmas from the team at Apollo Patios


Can new homes have outdoor additions too?

We often get asked, ‘Do you build outdoor spaces for new homes too?’.

The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’.

In fact, building a patio or outdoor structure on a new home is actually quite common and we find this for a few reasons.

Customers contact us to improve the outdoor space of their new home build for a whole range of reasons. As you’d expect each individual circumstance usually differs and decisions may be made for a variety or combination of reasons.

We’ve compiled our Top 5 themes for reasons that customers with a new home build reach out to us for.


1. Finances

At the time of building a new home, finances can often be stretched. Usually a home is the biggest investment customers have or will make so items on the ‘wishlist’ need to be prioritised. This could well mean that buyers have focused on ‘just getting into the home’ and getting used to paying the new mortgage before adding ‘nice to haves’ or forever home features.

2. Design

Depending on the roof design of your house, extending your roof for an outdoor space while you design and build the home will likely add extra trusses, roofing and potentially significant cost. Many volume builders will offer home designs that you are not able to customise to ensure the home remains efficient and affordable for them to easily build. If you take for example an insulated patio space, this is delivered to site ready to install, whereas a built in alfresco would require extra labour to be lined (sheeted), insulated, plastered and painted.

3. Circumstance

Lifestyle is something that changes – what was planned can often become outdated or simply outgrown. It’s true that sometimes life simply moves on since the original planning and building, your family and children have grown up and may be starting to use outdoor space more or differently. In the case of carports, there may be more vehicles than covered carparks or the family has chosen to prioritise the garage for living space requiring extra overhead shelter for their vehicles to stay protected.

4. Standard offering

New home designs often have standardised ‘alfresco’ areas. These tend to be a standard offering replicated across the home builders designs, changing slightly in size. They are usually designed to be built on a budget, to fit the modern block and provide the user with entry level outdoor living. With rapidly rising costs, new home buyers are having to make decisions now more than ever about where they choose to spend their budget. This unfortunately means that often they will need to make a trade-off, of what will suit their current needs most. For example if their new home could be adapted to have an extra bedroom versus their dream outdoor area, the extra bedroom would be chosen as it is a necessity for their family.

Outdoor space

5. Settling in

After you move into a house it often highlights areas that you prefer to spend your time. Sometimes spaces or zones of your home made sense on paper but aren’t your ‘go-to’ area when it’s actually built. Once you’ve moved in usually there is a process of actually making it yours, by completing landscaping, fencing, adding furniture and customising to really suit you. By then neighbours may have moved in and could be closer than anticipated. It’s natural that your focus would be on your floorplan and design, not on that which is being built around you. Perhaps the standard alfresco may just simply not have enough room for your outdoor setting and your kids toys.

These are just some of the reasons we add protection and privacy with our outdoor solutions.

The good news is, provided your outdoor space satisfies the planning requirements of your local council, we can provide a cost-effective solution that suits your lifestyle and the design of your home.


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9 ways to transform your ordinary patio into a luxe oasis

Do you look longingly at glossy magazine spreads and lavish Instagram feeds featuring gorgeous patios filled with designer furniture, elegant lighting and high-end amenities? The allure of a luxurious outdoor space is a dream that many homeowners share.

Transforming your ordinary patio into a luxurious haven isn’t just a fantasy; it’s entirely achievable. Here are 9 expert ideas to help you turn your space into the epitome of outdoor luxury.


1. Utilise statement pieces

Statement pieces in patio design serve a role similar to a captivating piece of art in a gallery: they draw attention, provoke thought and create a lasting impression.

Select one or two pieces that will serve as the focal points of your patio – be it an intricately designed fire pit, a sculptural water feature, or a bespoke piece of outdoor art. A unique focal point can instantly elevate your space, creating a luxe atmosphere that draws the eye.


2. Use luxe materials

The distinction between a run-of-the-mill patio and an opulent outdoor sanctuary often lies in the choice of materials. Premium materials set the scene and serve as the foundational elements upon which the aesthetic and functionality of your luxurious patio are built.

When it comes to the ceiling, a light and airy, smooth ceiling-look finish can help achieve a luxurious feel with a modern white or timber-look. For flooring, consider investing in materials that resonate with luxury. Italian porcelain tiles, polished stone, or even intricate timber decking can make a significant difference.

3. Amplify ambience

Think of your patio as a multisensory experience. The texture of fabrics, the scent from aromatic plants or diffusers and a curated playlist of background music can work together to create an enveloping atmosphere.

Go the extra mile by having plush blankets for colder evenings and perhaps a misting system for hotter days. These elements contribute to the overall ambiance, making your patio not just a place to sit, but an environment to be deeply experienced and enjoyed.

4. Symmetry matters

In design, symmetry is akin to the rhythm in music – it’s the underlying structure that pulls the composition together. While it’s tempting to add elements randomly, especially when you come across the latest trend or decor item, a balanced, symmetrical arrangement brings a sense of calm and luxury to your patio. It’s not just about aesthetics; symmetry impacts how we experience and engage with a space.

Balanced designs create a sense of stability and calm, elements that are quintessential to a luxurious outdoor setting. In the context of a patio, this could mean placing identical planters on either side of your entrance, arranging seating in a balanced layout, or even creating mirror-image planting beds filled with the same flora.

5. Less is always more

In the quest for luxury, there’s often a tendency to go overboard, which can result in cluttering the space with too many items. Adopt the “less is more” philosophy. Each piece should serve a purpose, whether functional or aesthetic.

Ensure that there is ample space to move around and that each piece can stand on its own and contribute to the overall theme. Overcrowding not only detracts from each individual element but can also make your patio feel chaotic rather than calming.

6. Lush landscaping

Even the most elegant patio can feel bare without the right greenery. Place plants in high quality planters and choose greenery that not only enhances your patio’s colour scheme but also provides sensory delights, like aromatic herbs or flowers. A green wall or climbing fragrant vine such as jasmine can also add extra allure.

While plants are the life of the landscaping, hardscaping elements like pathways, walls and edging are the skeleton that gives it structure. Choose materials that resonate with you and the style of your home– be it stepping stones, stylish modern concrete steps or built in seating. The right hardscaping can frame your landscaping elements, making them pop even more.

7. The advantages of amenities

A patio with a singular focus – be it lounging, dining, or even gardening – is charming in its simplicity. However, when we’re discussing a luxury upgrade, the term “amenities” should dominate the conversation. The modern luxury patio is a hub for entertainment. Amenities can be a gamechanger, adding an entirely new layer of functionality, comfort and extravagance to your outdoor space.

Consider installing an outdoor kitchen complete with a high-end grill, a built-in mini-fridge and even a cocktail station. For those cooler nights, a stylish fire pit or an outdoor heating system can make your patio an all-season retreat. If your space and budget allow, nothing shouts luxury lifestyle like an outdoor hot tub, infrared sauna or ice bath to complete your health and wellness routine.

8. The elegance of water features

Incorporating a water feature into your patio can elevate your outdoor space from merely appealing to profoundly captivating. It could be a chic fountain with modern lines, a koi pond, or even a small but elegant waterfall incorporated into your landscaping.

Water features add an element of nature that is both visually appealing and aurally soothing. Add some underwater lighting or surround the feature with aromatic plants and you’ve created a mini retreat that pleases multiple senses.

9. Fuse indoor and outdoor sophistication

Begin by extending the comfort and aesthetics of your indoor space to your patio. Draw inspiration from the interior of your home when selecting outdoor accessories. If your interior is awash in earthy tones, replicate that same palette in your outdoor choices.

Conversely, if your home thrives on bold, dramatic hues, let that drama unfold onto your patio in the form of vibrant furniture or awe-inspiring planters. Consider adding chic throw pillows, high-end rugs suitable for outdoor use or even exterior feature lighting that mirrors the elegance of your living room.

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7 'wow' factor patio design ideas when you're short on space

Envious of your neighbour’s spacious patio and the seemingly unlimited design options that it allows for? Fear not, even the tiniest of patios can pack a mighty design punch with some outside-the-box design ideas.

Within the confines of diminutive dimensions there lies immense potential for crafting a captivating oasis that defies expectations. The following ideas for petite patios will transform spaces of any size into captivating retreats that command attention and ignite the senses.

1. Add a green wall

When horizontal space is limited, ascend to new heights with the magic of vertical gardens. Transform the blank canvas of a wall into a living masterpiece by adorning it with cascading vines, vibrant flowers and even small herb gardens. Not only do green walls add an organic touch, but they also visually expand the space, giving an illusion of grandeur.

Opt for wall-mounted planters or tiered shelves to create layers of lush greenery that infuse life and vitality into your petite patio retreat.

2. Make furniture multifunctional

The genius lies in pieces that perform a dual role, seamlessly merging functionality with aesthetics. Choose outdoor furniture that moonlights as storage solutions, such as benches with under-seat compartments or coffee tables with hidden drawers. By cleverly concealing clutter, you’re freeing up valuable floor space and allowing the eye to rove unhindered, thereby amplifying the perceived expanse of your patio.

3. Create the illusion of more space

Strategically placing mirrors on patio walls not only reflects light, creating an open and airy ambience, but also casts the illusion of additional space. Choose ornate frames for a touch of elegance or sleek, modern designs for a contemporary edge. Mirrors harness the power of visual deception, manipulating perceptions to make your diminutive patio seem positively expansive. This optical trickery is particularly effective when your patio is surrounded by walls or fences that may otherwise feel constricting.

4. Command attention with pops of colour

In the world of design, colour is a potent tool that can orchestrate drama and delight. Harness this creative force to your advantage by infusing your small patio with bold, eye-catching hues. While neutral tones form a foundation of sophistication, select a signature colour for adorning cushions, planters and accessories that will pop against the backdrop. This strategic injection of vibrancy not only captures attention but also enlivens the entire space, elevating its appeal.

5. Use the space above

Turn your gaze upwards and unlock the suspended potential of your petite paradise. Often, the vertical space above your head remains an untapped canvas of possibilities. Choose a variety of plants to go in hanging planters with different textures, sizes and colours to create a lush and captivating visual tapestry.

The dynamic movement of your suspended greenery adds a sense of tranquillity and serenity to your outdoor space, transforming it into a true oasis. Lighting too, can cast intriguing patterns of light and shadow on the patio floor and walls to introduce an enchanting and romantic atmosphere. Whether you opt for traditional hanging candle lanterns or modern LED versions, the warm, flickering light emanating from above creates a magical and inviting aura.

6. Craft an intimate nook

In the grand narrative of design, intimacy often trumps grandeur. Discover the beauty in creating secluded nooks within your patio – a cosy corner tucked away beneath an arching trellis, an intimate reading enclave cocooned by draping curtains, or a tucked-away tea table surrounded by flowering plants. These intimate niches, shielded from the world, amplify the sense of serenity and provide solace in your personal oasis.

7. Guide the eye with a centrepiece

Every masterpiece deserves a focal point that captivates and anchors its essence. This principle holds true for even the most compact patios. Choose a captivating centrepiece that aligns with your style. For those who appreciate a touch of artistic flair, a mosaic-topped table can be the perfect central feature. These tables are not just functional surfaces but also works of art in their own right.

On the other hand, a mini fire pit can transform your patio into a cosy and inviting oasis. The flickering flames create a mesmerising and warm ambiance, making your outdoor space an ideal spot for gatherings, storytelling or simply relaxing by the fire. Miniature fire pits are designed to fit snugly into smaller areas, making them a perfect choice for compact patios.


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Single skin roofing

A Quick Guide to Greening Up Your Patio Space

How to Green Up Your Patio Space: A Guide to Choosing Plants for Your Patio

Transforming your patio into a lush, vibrant oasis will not only add to its visual appeal but also create a serene and relaxing environment where you can reconnect with nature to escape the stresses of everyday life. This transformation can provide a welcoming space for outdoor gatherings, quiet contemplation or even a cosy spot to enjoy your morning coffee. Not to mention that the presence of greenery and vibrant plant life can contribute to improved air quality and a more balanced ecosystem, enhancing the overall wellbeing of both you and the local wildlife. What’s not to love?

With the right selection of plants, you can turn your outdoor space into a captivating retreat that combines nature’s beauty with your personal style. Not sure where to start? In this guide, we’ll explore the art of selecting plants that will breathe life into your patio, making it a sanctuary of natural elegance.

Your patio’s microcosm

Before you embark on your botanical journey, take a moment to observe your patio’s unique microcosm. Consider the amount of sunlight it receives throughout the day. Is it a sun-drenched haven or a shaded alcove? Also think about what the climate is like in your location.

Are there more warm months than cool or the other way around? Does the temperature swing wildly through the seasons or remain more moderate? These crucial factors will guide your plant choices, ensuring they thrive in their new home.

Sun-kissed splendour

For sun-drenched patios, opt for plants that revel in the spotlight. Succulents such as echeveria and sedum are ideal choices. With their water-storing abilities, they’ll withstand the heat and add sculptural charm. Climbing roses or jasmine, their delicate blooms exuding fragrance, can grace trellises or walls, infusing romance into the air.

To add a little drama, opt for ornamental grasses like Pennisetum – their feathery plumes catch the sunlight’s dance beautifully. Lavender, too, thrives in plenty of direct sunlight, releasing its soothing aroma when brushed against, transporting you to the Provence of France. Different varieties of lavender will do better in cooler and warmer climates so chat to your local nursery to select the one ideally suited to your location.

Shaded tranquillity

Shaded patios present a different palette to paint with. Ferns, with their luscious fronds, thrive in these gentle light conditions. The Hosta’s broad textured leaves bring forth an array of greens, creating layers of visual interest. Impatiens, with their joyful blossoms, can enliven even the darkest corners.

Consider the Japanese maple, an elegant tree that thrives in dappled light. Its foliage transforms through the seasons, celebrating the beauty of change. Its compact root system means it’s suitable for smaller courtyards and potting, however, be mindful that each maple variety will grow to different heights.

Pots of expression

Pots and planters play as pivotal role in the expression of your style as your choice of plants. Elegant terracotta pots can evoke a rustic charm, while sleek, modern containers in metallic finishes add a contemporary edge.

When arranging your plants, consider their heights and forms. Thrillers like tall, spiky Cordyline (which prefer low light conditions and offer year round lushless) can stand as focal points, surrounded by fillers such as begonias (each variety has a distinct preference for sunlight and climate), which gracefully spill over the edges. A trailing plant like the dichondra, often called ‘silver falls’, can complete the composition, cascading delicately and softening the overall look.

Sensory symphony

A well-designed patio engages all the senses and scent is a potent element to weave into your plant selection. Fragrant flowers like jasmine, with its heady perfume, can transform your patio into an aromatic sanctuary. The classic rosemary not only delights with its fragrance but also serves as a culinary herb, infusing your outdoor meals with a taste of the Mediterranean. Choose wisteria for a fragrant climber with stunning flowers that bloom in shades of pink, white, blue or purple.

Meditate on maintenance

While the aesthetics of your patio are essential, so is practicality. Choose plants that align with your commitment to maintenance. If you’re a green thumb with time to spare, intricate gardens with a mix of perennials and annuals might be your canvas. If you’re after ease, resilient options like geraniums and petunias offer vibrant blooms with minimal fuss.

Regular watering, pruning, and occasional fertilising are the nurturing strokes your botanical art needs. Remember that plants are living beings; they’ll reward your attention with blossoms of gratitude.

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Which patio best suits me?

When deciding on the design of your new patio or outdoor structure, functionality plays as big a role as aesthetic. After all, you want a space that suits your needs and lifestyle as much as it matches the design and architecture of your home. Families with young children and pets will likely use their space entirely differently to those who primarily want to entertain.

At Apollo Patios, our process starts with an in-depth Design Consultation to help understand your situation and identify your vision. Read on to discover some of the recommendations we might make depending on your current life priorities.

1. When you have a young family

A deck with protective patio roof doubles as a secure play space and practical oasis for parents with young children. Picture an elevated deck, above potential hazards, enclosed by sturdy balustrade finished with a roof to protect against the elements. Let your kids play to their hearts content under your watchful eye as you cook dinner or tick off your daily tasks.

Add a hanging egg chair or beanbags to create an enticing space for family snuggles, reading a book or watching the clouds roll across the sky.

Enhance the practicalities of your outdoor living space to meet the needs of young and old. Built-in seating and clever storage solutions mean that outdoor toys can be neatly stored, always finding a way back to their designated home. As your children grow up, a free-standing pergola with a firepit may become more suitable.

2. When you’re keen to add value to your home

The usability and allure of a home’s outdoor space is an appealing prospect to future buyers. A carefully tended lawn, an appealing façade and practical outdoor living areas collectively contribute to a significant increase in value. Often, it’s the minor intricacies that wield the most significant impact such as simply making your backyard space functional and appealing.

Consider questions like:

  • Is it good for entertaining?
  • Is there an area for a BBQ or outdoor kitchen?
  • Is there a safe space for kids to play?
  • Are there landscaping or structures that ensure low maintenance upkeep?
  • Is there somewhere suitable for exercise?
  • Is there space suitable for pets, with fresh air, protected from insects and wildlife?

The good news is that any investment you make into an outdoor structure is almost guaranteed to be well-received in future. One estimate even suggests that a landscaped patio can add 12.4% to the value of your home however, we suggest you do your own research. Rest assured that any money you spend on adding an outdoor living space is going to be as appealing to potential buyers as it is for you to use now.

 And if you’re not quite ready to sell your home just yet, you can reap the benefits of your investment in the meantime!


3. When you’re big on entertaining

Calling all entertainers, social butterflies and veritable lives of the party! Behold the patio designed to make your home the entertainer’s envy and your gatherings soar to new heights.

Picture a spacious bridge connecting your indoors with the great outdoors. Here, laughter and conversation flow seamlessly, creating memories to cherish. An outdoor kitchen steals the spotlight, flaunting a sizzling barbecue, a well-stocked mini-fridge, and a sink to keep the drinks flowing.

Under the shelter of a stylish patio roof , you bask in shade during the sun-kissed days, while the evening glow dances upon your elegantly appointed patio furniture. With this entertainment wonderland, the heart of your home extends beyond its walls and friends and family can revel in your hosting prowess, enjoying birthdays, celebrations and Christmas memories.

4. When you’re off exploring Australia

For the wanderers and adventurers, those who embark on the nomadic quest to discover the beauty of Australia, a robust carport stands as a steadfast guardian of your trusty stead… err camper van.. for when its wheels are still.

Shield your pride and joy from the elements with a carport made to exacting dimensions, that acts as a protective sanctuary until you are ready for your next odyssey. Built-in storage holds the key to organised readiness, ensuring a quick getaway when the moment calls.

This carport space offers excellent protection for boats, caravans or other vehicles and can even double as an extra living space when celebrations require. Gabled, skillion or flat roofed, flyover or freestanding, insulated or single-skin. The choice is yours.

5. When you want the best of both worlds

Love the outdoors but prefer to have the option to close off your space from the cold, wet or gusty wind? With a screen or glass enclosure, your patio seamlessly merges indoor comfort with outdoor allure, embodying the best of both worlds.

The screen enclosure unveils an inviting sanctuary, a secure place for your pet overnight, allowing gentle breezes while warding off pesky intruders. In the serenity of this natural cocoon, you revel in sunny days free from bothersome insects, surrounded by the vibrant embrace of nature.

The glass enclosure, on the other hand, introduces sophistication to your outdoor experience. Witness the changing seasons from your sheltered haven, where the dance of the rain and frolic of leaves in the wind become mesmerising sights that don’t compromise your comfort. Sit by the warmth of a fireplace as you observe the night sky.

So, what patio suits your lifestyle? Organise a time for a no-obligation chat with one of our experienced Design Experts. They’ll recommend the best option to meet your desired budget, that suits both the design of your home and your way of living.

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Patio - fairy lights

Creating an Inviting Outdoor Space You Never Want to Leave

Designing the perfect outdoor space requires striking the balance between functionality and allure.

You want a space that beckons to you to spend more time outdoors – whether it’s for entertaining guests, playing with the kids, lounging with a good book, or simply enjoying your coffee in the morning sun.

Yet, you also need a space that functions in ways that align with your lifestyle. While a complete redesign can be great, a few carefully chosen elements and simple additions can be all that you need to transform your patio or outdoor space into an inviting oasis that you won’t want to leave.

Read on to explore some ideas that will help you create an inviting outdoor area you’ll never want to leave.


1. Get some shade 

Protection from the elements is top of the list when creating a comfortable outdoor environment. You need somewhere that provides shelter from the harsh Australian sun and keeps you out of the rain while also offering protection from leaves and debris that can quickly become messy. A patio roof is a common choice and the solution that will offer you the most comprehensive protection. That said, if you don’t want a patio roof or if you are looking for an interim solution, you can also consider using decorative screens to form a canopy or screen. This not only offers shade but also helps define the space, creating the sense that your outdoor area is an extension on your indoor space.

Decorative shade

2. Create ambience with lighting

The right lighting can transform any space and your outdoor area is no exception. From simple fairy lights to dimmable LED and downlights, there are endless possibilities to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Stringing fairy lights around trees or along the perimeter of your patio adds a touch of enchantment. For something more contemporary and functional, install dimmable LED lights that allow you to adjust the brightness as desired. There’s nothing to say you need to keep your lighting above either – wall or floor strip lights are a fantastic way to add character to your outdoor space or stairs.

Family time

3. Go green

Greenery has the remarkable ability to breathe life into any space. Consider adding pot plants, a succulent garden, or even a green wall to your outdoor area. Alternatively, raised garden beds can offer you the added benefit of homegrown vegetables and the opportunity to flex your green thumb. Whatever you choose, lush foliage will transform the atmosphere while allowing you to connect with nature.

Go green

4. Make it secluded

Having a secluded, private space where you can feel comfortable doing anything you like away from prying eyes is crucial to the design of your outdoor space. This doesn’t mean you need to fence off or enclose the entire area. Strategically placed shrubs or trees are excellent natural screens. These living elements not only provide a sense of solitude but also contribute to the overall beauty of your outdoor area.

Patio - fairy lights

5. Curate your furniture

Your choice of furniture plays a pivotal role in creating a space where you and your guests can unwind and indulge in relaxation. An extra-large cosy couch provides ample space for everyone to sprawl out and catch up. For a touch of style and comfort, consider adding a pod chair. Surprisingly ergonomic due to their egg shape, pod chairs offer a unique seating experience that will elevate the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. Built in seating with secret storage space can be a great way to boost the functionality of your outdoor area.


6. Consider enclosing it

Depending on your local climate and your lifestyle preferences, a patio enclosure can be an innovative and practical solution that transforms your outside space into an all year round retreat. Use a screened patio to enclose and secure the space while still allowing natural airflow and light to filter in. If you would like added protection from the weather, you can add glass screens as well as mesh screens – the right system will allow you to open everything up when you want to. With an enclosed space, you can enjoy the tranquil view of your backyard and gentle breeze without worrying about dust, dirt, or unwelcome wildlife disrupting your outdoor experience.


7. Create a space for outdoor movie nights

Imagine cosying up under the stars with loved ones for an outdoor movie night. Set up a projector or large screen, arrange comfortable seating with blankets and pillows and install soft lighting to create an enchanting atmosphere. Whether you’re watching a classic film or the latest blockbuster, this outdoor movie night space will surely become a favourite gathering spot. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Outdoor entertaining

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Enclosed Patio with Screens

8 Questions to Ask Your New Patio Builder

A patio is an excellent addition to your home, providing you with a multi-use, adaptable and secure area for living or leisure. Being able to design the space yourself means you can create a unique area to suit your lifestyle and preferences. When deciding on your build and, hence, your builder, it is important to consider their experience, reputation, and expertise in patio construction. The following eight questions are a great starting point to help you decide whether the patio builders you are speaking with are right for you. 


1. How much experience does the patio builder have? 

Knowing what experience your builder has, both in general as well as in the particular style of patio you want, is essential. Whether you want an all-weather patio, open patio, alfresco screen, pergola or deck, your builder should have built your chosen patio before. Ideally, you want a patio builder with an abundance of experience in numerous styles of patios as this will give them the expertise required to advise you on the best possible solution for your home. It is also important that your builder has experience in your area, as a local contractor will be more familiar with the building codes and permit requirements for your suburb as well as the styles, materials and designs that are best suited to your local climate. 

Caravan shelter

2. Is the patio builder licensed?

While it may go without saying, checking your patio builder’s qualification is essential. Having untrained or unlicensed people building your patio can result in a myriad of issues, from leaks to cracks to unstable and dangerous structures. If your patio contractor is unlicensed, you could be left with a sub-par patio that doesn’t have industry license protection, guarantees or warranties. You may also not be able to claim future damages on your home insurance, leaving you with no peace of mind and no guaranteed safety for your family. 


3. Will the patio builder inform you of the costs upfront?

Avoid the headache of snowballing costs by ensuring that the total amount of the build is disclosed to you before you agree to proceed. Only sign off on an industry standard building contract that includes a building plan and a materials list fully outlining every aspect of the project. A fixed price contract means that there will be no unwanted surprises, hidden costs or budget blow-outs. 


4. What materials does the patio builder recommend? 

There are three major patio design components: the roof type, the flooring type, and the sides or walls (if you decide to enclose the space in any way). The builder needs to be able to guide you through what materials best suit your vision and the design of your home. The function of the roof of your patio is most to provide shade and protection from rain, while managing light and temperature. Your builder should advise you about flat or pitched roofs, for function and use, as well as your personal look and feel preferences. There are endless options for the flooring of your patio, but the main examples are timber, concrete or modern outdoor flooring, all of which have their benefits and drawbacks that should be explained to you by your contractor. If the weather is unpredictable, cooler or windy in your area, adding screens, doors or walls to your patio can be an ideal solution to provide year-round comfort. 

Patio area - louvres

5. Does the patio builder offer a free design meeting? 

Having a professional design meeting before you commit to anything is an important part of deciding on your design and your builder. This process provides your builder with an opportunity to learn exactly what you’re looking for and how you’ll use the space as well as valuable insight into the space you have to work and your house design. It also provides you with the opportunity to get to know your builder and whether you feel they are the right team for the job. How the design will work with your existing home and how it will contribute to property value should be discussed in this meeting, as well as how the design will achieve your long-term goals and current needs. 

Outdoor space - decorative

6. What is the proposed timeline of the build?

Knowing how long the contractor believes your build will take is essential, as you need to be able to adjust your schedule to the build. Ideally, the build should be completed within a reasonable timeframe to minimise the disruption to your home. Some builders may have a longer wait time until they can commence construction and that’s okay. What’s important is that you feel confident they will deliver the patio you’re looking for and are upfront with you about any waiting periods. 


7. What would the daily work schedule be?

You want to know the days and times you can expect the construction team to arrive and leave your house. Knowing the working times allows you to gauge the level of professionalism with which the company operates. If the hours aren’t logical or consistent, it could be a warning sign. Asking these kinds of questions can give you an indication of the builder’s communication style. Look for a builder who is responsive and communicative, and who will keep you informed throughout the process. This can help to ensure that any issues or concerns are addressed promptly and that the project stays on track. 


8. What references and reviews does the patio builder have?

Knowing the customer feedback of your potential contractor is very important. Ask your contractor to show both customer testimonials and photos or footage of projects they have completed in the past. This will enable you to gauge the professionalism and quality of the work as well as whether you like their styles and designs. If your potential contractor does not show any customer feedback, it could signify that the feedback is not positive or that they are less experienced than you would like. 


At Apollo Patios, we’ve been manufacturing patios since 1995. We partner with local licensed family builders in the regions we service so that our customers are getting the best possible tailor-made outcomes. Our experienced and skilled team can help you design and build a patio that perfectly suits your lifestyle and budget. Contact us today to learn more about our patio solutions and how we can help you create an outdoor living space you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

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Outdoor area

7 Ways To Maximise Your Outdoor Space

If lockdowns taught us anything it’s the value of having a sanctuary within our home – a place we can escape to relax and unwind. With Australia’s temperate climate, it makes sense to create that sanctuary outdoors.

Maximising your outdoor space is simply about increasing the functionality so that you spend more time out there. How you go about doing so will differ depending on where you live and your lifestyle.

If you’re not sure what to do, start by asking yourself what you will get the most use out of. If entertaining is high on your list, creating a functional entertainment space would be ideal. If you are a keen gardener, add in some landscaping or gardens you can enjoy on your days off. Below are some more ideas to consider if you’re looking to maximise your outdoor space.

1. Upgrade your storage

Nothing makes a space less appealing than clutter. Whether it’s the kids’ toys, gardening tools or overflow from the house, make your outdoor space more functional by adding in some clever storage. Add a built-in bench or choose furniture with hidden storage, hang bikes or tools on a wall, install a lockbox or shed. Create enough storage space so that everything has a home – and then add in a little extra to account for expansion. 

Outdoor area - Extra storage

2. Add in a vegetable garden

Why not maximise your outdoor space and reduce your grocery bill in one fell swoop with a veggie patch? Growing your own produce is incredibly rewarding and has the added benefit of nourishing your family. Plus, children who are resistant to eating veggies can sometimes come around to enjoying them when they’ve played a part in growing them, so it could be a win win all around.

Veggie garden

3. Build a deck

There’s very good reason why the experts agree that a deck pays for itself in added value to your home. Whether it’s entertaining friends or whiling away an afternoon in the shade with a good book, a deck offers immense functionality. More elegant than your average cement porch and more practical than a small balcony, the right deck design can effectively provide you with a stylish outdoor living space that you can enjoy all year round.

4. Add a patio

patio can offer you protection from the elements so you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor space regardless of the weather. As an added bonus, it can also keep your home cooler in the summer months by reducing the amount of direct sunlight that hits your windows. From skillion to gable, flyover to freestanding, there are numerous patios to choose from depending on your preferred style and what works best with the architecture of your home.

Patio area

5. Install an outdoor fire pit

Imagine sipping a glass of wine while stargazing or roasting marshmallows with the kids without having to leave the comfort of your own home. A fire offers a certain ambiance that no other source of light can replicate. Ideal for entertaining, a fire pit can also be used to grill meats, veggies and other foods. You can get a custom-built fire pit or you can pick up one up from your local hardware store. Be sure to take adequate precautions and suitably prepare the space to prevent fire hazards. 


6. Consider an enclosed space

If the weather in your region isn’t as temperate as other parts of Australia or you’re looking for additional protection from the elements, you may benefit from a patio enclosure. Surround an outdoor space with screens or glass to transform a semi-functional area into one that can be utilised through the coldest, wettest or insect-ridden months of the year.  

Enclosed space

7. Eke out a dedicated play area for the kids

Get the kids outdoors more often by creating a play space they can’t get enough of. Whether it’s a swing set, slide, sandpit or something else that will keep them occupied for hours on end, dedicate a section of your outdoor space to their entertainment. As kids have a way of spreading their toys and playthings far and wide, it may also help to build some storage nearby too to keep belongings packed away.


If you feel like you could use some help figuring out how to make the most of your outdoors space, find an Apollo Patios Builder in your local area now.

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5 Uses for an Enclosed Patio Outdoor Space

An enclosed patio is an extension of your house that offers protection  from the weather while still providing a sense of connectedness between you and nature. It allows you to reap the benefits of the outdoors – the shining sun, the cool breeze, the earthy aromas – without worrying about insects and pests or the rain and wind conditions impacting your ability to enjoy the space.

Apollo’s screen and glass enclosures provide another dimension of outside living, completing your home with a partially or fully enclosed living and leisure space. Outdoor living is an integral part of the Australian way of life. An All Weather Patio  (available in Victoria) means your comfort and lifestyle will never be dictated by the diverse and unpredictable Victorian weather. 

If you’re still unsure about the possible uses of your enclosed patio or outdoor space, here are just a few to consider:

1. Entertainment area

Are you tired of constantly moving between your indoor kitchen and outdoor patio? Of having to change your dinner party plans because of the weather? An enclosed patio or sunroom can simplify your entertainment life, making weather and inconvenience distant problems. Include a barbecue, outdoor kitchen and/or pizza oven so you never miss parts of the conversation again. A heater or fireplace can help you add warmth and atmosphere, while rain and wind can be shut out by closing your screening system. Your new enclosed outdoor patio will make your home a much loved place to gather for brunches and celebrations. 

Extra living space

2. Relaxation area

Create your own area for relaxation that still allows you to appreciate the view of your garden. Unwind and escape the hustle and chaos of daily life with comfortable outdoor furniture, a pleasant sounding water feature and soft lighting. Your outside oasis will be perfect for meditation, reading, or even just enjoying a cup of tea or glass of wine in a calm and quiet space. In winter, stay warm as you watch the rain fall whilst cuddling under a blanket. You may like to include hanging plants or a small herb garden to nurture. For added privacy you can add curtains or blinds to your enclosure, with a comfortable pull-out couch to turn the already relaxing space into a temporary guest area. 

Apollo Patios All Weather Patio Outdoor Lifestyle

3. Area for your pet/s

If you don’t know whether to keep your pet inside or outside, you can place them where they get the benefits of both – your patio enclosure or All Weather Patio. With a screened enclosed space, you receive the versatility of gentle cooling breezes and healthy air circulation in summer, whilst also enjoying full protection when the weather becomes cooler. This makes it a perfect area to keep your beloved pet. As a bonus, you contain any shedding to a limited space without compromising any of the comforts of indoor living. 

Pet area

4. Playroom

Turn your enclosed outdoor space into a play area for your children or grandchildren so they have a secure enclosed outside space to enjoy no matter the weather, where you can always keep them under a watchful eye. If you have the space, you could possibly include a sandpit or play structure to create a safe play space where you can keep your kids occupied while you accomplish whatever you need to or relax nearby. You can even age the space with them, changing play structures to craft areas into a more relaxing or entertainment area which brings the family together instead of being in their rooms alone. 


5. Study or Work from Home

With a full glass enclosure or screen enclosure from Apollo Patios, you can turn an unused space into a light and cosy sunroom – perfect for a study. Instead of being holed up working in a room with a single window, enjoy doing your work in a space filled with natural light. Add a fan or aircon in your enclosed area for warmer weather and a heater for the cold. The view and feeling of nature will create an inspiring space for you to focus on your work or study. 

Study area

Ultimately, the possibilities for your enclosed patio space are endless. You can create your own space that perfectly reflects your daily needs and enhances your lifestyle. Of course, once you have the structure in place, you can always change the internal design and furnishings as your lifestyle and needs change over the years. But having a weather protected outdoor space will offer you an all year-round light filled area – and that is an investment which adds value to your lifestyle and to your property.  

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Insulated panel

10 Building Terms To Learn Before Your Build

If you’re looking into home improvements, chances are you’ve come across several terms you’re not familiar with. And while it’s not always vital that you know exactly what everything is if you’re working with a team to bring it to life, it’s also nice to be able to follow the conversation.

Our Apollo Patio partners go to great lengths to explain everything in simple to understand language. Yet, there are some building terms that can be helpful to familiarise yourself with so that, when you’re talking about the nitty gritty details of the build, you feel informed.


Where your roof meets the top of your wall there is a little overhang or lip. These are the eaves. Their function is to prevent rainwater, snow and other debris from running straight down your walls, windows and doors and causing damage. They also offer a small amount of shade by protecting living spaces from direct sunlight. Eaves are much more than solely functional, however, offering an opportunity to add character and design to your structure. You can choose from:

Open eaves: the rafters underneath are left exposed,

Closed eaves: the underside of the roof is hidden,

Boxed in: similar to a closed eave, the roof rafters are also hidden but at the same angle as the roof itself,

Abbreviated eaves: only the smallest extension beyond the side of the structure.


The fascia on a building refers to the wooden board or metal profile that sits under the eave. It is typically what the gutter is attached to, which of course offers further protection from water and debris. The fascia also prevents animals, insects and pests from creeping into the roof cavity and adds to the aesthetic appeal of a structure by concealing the rough ends of roof rafters.

Gabled roof

A gabled roof is like an a-frame or a pitched tent – one where two sides slope down towards the wall. The “gable” is the triangular portion of the wall that sits between the two traversing roof pitches. One of the more common types of roofing, a gabled roof can be a cost-effective option as they are simple to construct.

Gable roof


The soffit forms the under part of your eaves. It is the material used underneath the eave and provides the basic function of protecting the rafters. Soffits can be timber, aluminium, fibre cement board or vinyl and the best material will depend on your climate along with your preferred finish.


Another roofing style, a skillion has only one angled and sloping side, rather than two that meet in the middle. Where a flat roof will have only a slight pitch to allow for adequate drainage, a skillion roof will have a visible slope. Frequently found on patios and sheds, this kind of roof, with its clean lines, can offer a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

Skillion carport


Typically made from wooden or steel beams, the rafters usually angled or pitched, make up the underlying framework of the roof. They are fitted together to act as a support network to hold up the roof sheets, shingles and all other components that comprise the roof.



Flashings help to protect joints and edges from taking in water or absorbing moisture. Made from a thin sheet of waterproof material such as sheet metal, they’re found at roof intersections and around doors, windows and chimneys.



The joist is the flat wooden horizontal framework that makes up the bottom of the roof or the ceiling. They fit together with the studs (the vertical part of the framework) to act as the foundational structure of a building.

Joist image

Insulated panel

Insulated panel is comprised of a layer of insulating material sandwiched between two layers of structural board/steel. As the panels are firm, compressed and weighty, they are highly effective insulators, perfect for warm, humid and cold climates, usually giving some thermal insulation.

Insulated panel

Single skin roof

A single skin roof is most commonly a type of roofing designed for patios, carports and pergolas. Consisting of one layer of steel finished with a high gloss, it is lightweight, durable and designed to reflect sunlight. Each panel clips together to form a weather-tight seal. The panels are easy to clean, low maintenance and simple to install making them an affordable option.

Single skin roofing

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Apollo All Weather Patio Gable Roof Family enjoying breakfast

Need Help Designing Your Ideal Patio?

Start Here

From enjoying a relaxed Sunday brunch to hosting a lively evening dinner party, outdoor living is an integral part of the Australian way of life. Creating a space to gather with friends and family or to enjoy a morning coffee while soaking up some sunshine is what many Australians consider a quintessential part of their lifestyle. Whether it’s a simple backyard patio or an elaborate outdoor entertaining area complete with a barbecue, outdoor kitchen, and pool, Australians love to make the most of their stunning natural surroundings by creating a comfortable space that allows them to spend as much time as possible outside regardless of the weather. 

If you’re in the process of designing your ideal patio, here are some important points to think about before and during the Design Meeting with our Consultant. If you’re still not certain about any or all of the elements of your ideal patio, don’t worry! Your Design Consultant will be able to help you during your free consultation. 


1. Size

While the size will somewhat be dictated by the outside space you have to play with and council regulations in your region, we can design the size of your patio by considering how you intend to use it. If you love to entertain and envisage big dinner parties with family or friends, a larger patio space will of course be better suited. You may also like to bear in mind how you currently use the outside space you have now so you can factor in any features or functions that you feel are missing and would like to incorporate into your new patio design. This will help us to create a space together that not only meets your current needs but also addresses any shortcomings or limitations of your current outdoor living area.

Accessories - Slats


2. Roofing

Choosing the right roofing for your patio is crucial, it needs to be durable to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions. It is essential to use roofing best suited to your local environment. Do you need to account for cyclones or bushfires, for example? Is the roofing engineered and certified for these conditions? Insulated roofing panels will help to modulate the temperature, reducing the heating and cooling requirements of your new patio space. So, you may like to consider whether insulated or single skin roofing is better suited to your needs. We can manufacture your preferred type of roofing to suit your requirements. 

Trimlink roofing

3. Layout

How do you want to arrange your furniture and other features? Do you want a central area for entertaining or a more intimate space for relaxation? Would you like room for a fireplace or fire pit? Do you need space for a dining table or a barbeque? Consider your lifestyle and preferences when deciding how to arrange your furniture and other features, so that you can create a patio that is functional, practical, and tailored to your specific needs. 

4. Weather

The Australian sun can be harsh so providing adequate shade is important. Work with your patio installer to ensure your roof is expansive enough to offer you adequate shade throughout the day. If you live in the southern parts of Australia where the winters can be longer, would you benefit from enclosing your patio space with doors and screens so you can continue using your outside living space in windy, cold or wet weather? There are plenty of clever designs that can help you to enjoy your patio space all year round. 

All Weather Patio

5. Furniture

Comfortable outdoor furniture that is durable and easy to maintain is essential. Depending on whether you intend to use your patio as an entertaining area or as a relaxation space, you may like to ensure you have space for a dining table or outdoor lounge – or both. There are many different styles and materials to choose from, so take your time and find what best suits your needs. 

Light and features

6. Lighting and other fixtures

Outdoor lighting can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it perfect for evening relaxation or entertaining. Have a think about the lighting you envisage as your patio builders can help you incorporate different lighting options into your design by adding the cabling ready for a qualified electrician to hook it up.  Alternatively, installing outdoor lighting, such as string lights or lanterns, can provide ambient lighting and create a cosy atmosphere. You may also like to consider other fixtures such as fans, heaters, speakers, power points and switches as these can be incorporated into the design and made ready for complete installation by an electrician. 

Outdoor area

7. Landscaping

Plants can add colour and texture to your patio while creating a sense of privacy. They also help create a cooler and more comfortable outdoor environment by providing shade and reducing heat. If you’re looking to create a tropical feel, consider adding some palm trees or ferns to your patio. Alternatively, if you want to add a pop of colour, you might opt for some brightly coloured flowers, such as hibiscus or bougainvillea. Choose plants that thrive in your climate and require little maintenance. Succulents, native grasses, and flowering shrubs are excellent choices for an Australian patio.

8. Purpose

Your new patio will be the perfect place to kick back and watch the bees buzzing around your garden or admire the view beyond your backyard. You may also like to consider how else you want to use your patio. Is it a space simply for relaxation or entertaining, or both? If you’re planning to use your patio for entertaining, you might want to consider adding a built-in barbeque or outdoor kitchen. This will allow you to prepare and serve food without having to constantly move between your indoor kitchen and outdoor patio. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in using your patio as a space for relaxation, you might want to consider adding comfortable seating, such as a sofa or outdoor lounge chairs. You could also consider adding a hammock or swing for the ultimate in relaxation or incorporating space for the kids or grandkids to play. 

Ultimately, the key is to create a patio that meets your specific needs and enhances your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to entertain guests, relax with family, or simply enjoy a quiet evening outdoors, there are countless ways to design a patio that reflects your personal style and enhances your outdoor living experience. If you need any more ideas, pop over to our Inspiration Gallery where you can explore recently completed projects. 


If you’re ready to take the next step, we would love to help you design your ideal patio.

Book a free Design Consultation where we can discuss what you’re looking for and provide ideas and advice on what will work best for you. 

During the meeting, we will evaluate:

  • What you will be using the space for and what you want to achieve
  • How it will be furnished
  • How it will work with your existing home
  • How to incorporate long term goals with current needs
  • All year-round comfort living, taking into consideration the weather aspects
  • Privacy and outlook
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