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Patio Accessories Available in Brisbane


Apollo Patios has a stylish range of accessories to provide the finishing touches to your new outdoor home addition. The range includes Blinds, Louvres and Privacy Screens so now there really is no need to shop around, with Apollo Patio Accessories it’s so easy!

Louvres & Slats

For additional privacy and protection from the elements all year round, transform your outdoor living area with Apollo Patios’ range of Louvres and Slats.

Our systems are constructed from powder coated aluminium materials designed to compliment your Apollo Patios structure. The powder coated aluminium eliminates the costly maintenance issues such as painting, cracking and warping that is experienced with timber products.

Apollo’s range of Louvres offers full protection from all types of weather conditions. The Slats provide moderate protection from rain, direct sun and vision.  Both products can be supplied in either a vertical or horizontal configuration.

Available Louvre & Slat Systems:

  • Sun Screening
  • Privacy Screening
  • Thermoflow – Gable infill Venting (horizontal louvres only)
  • Balustrade – (vertical slats only)

You can also have your Louvres and Slats in a stylish wood grain finish!

Geared Blinds

Geared Blinds are the ideal versatile addition to any verandah, pergola or outdoor entertainment area.  Simply wind the blind up when you want to catch the cool breezes and to block out the wind and rain just wind down the blind and secure with a stainless steel fastener. For even greater protection optional side zips are available.

Available fabrics:

  • Clear or Tinted plastic
  • PVC coated – polyethylene woven mesh

Wall Section Blinds

Wall Section Blinds are our most economical blind system. Ideal for cooler evenings to allow year round entertaining, these blinds can also protect your entertainment area from all kinds of weather conditions and include side zips for a weather tight seal. The Wall Section Blind can be raised and lowered by hand or with an optional rope and pulley system.

Available fabrics:

  • Clear or Tinted plastic
  • PVC coated – polyethylene woven mesh

Automatic Blinds

One of our most popular blind designs, the Automatic Blind consists of an internal spring recoil retraction system located inside the top roller tube, a set of zinc plated guide rails and wedge lock projection arms. The projection arms, available in varying lengths hold the bottom edge of the blind out increasing the amount of shaded area.


The Automatic Blind can easily be pulled down to a suitable position; release your grip on the bottom tube and the blind locks automatically onto the guide rail. Once the blind is no longer required, grasp the bottom tube, bend it downward and the blind is automatically retracted by the internal spring recoil system.

Available fabrics:

  • PVC coated – polyethylene woven mesh

Straight Drop Blinds

Straight Drop Blinds are ideal for screening in your verandah, patio or pergola. A spring loaded recoil actuator assists the raising and lowering of this blind. Stainless Steel fasteners are provided for latching the blind in the down position. Additional fasteners for providing multiple latching positions are also available.

Available fabrics:

  • PVC coated – polyethylene woven mesh
  • Acrylic – solid

Call your licensed Apollo dealer now for an obligation free design consultation on 1800 007 321 or visit the state distributors page to find a local agent.