5 Uses for an Enclosed Patio Outdoor Space

An enclosed patio is an extension of your house that offers protection  from the weather while still providing a sense of connectedness between you and nature. It allows you to reap the benefits of the outdoors – the shining sun, the cool breeze, the earthy aromas – without worrying about insects and pests or the rain and wind conditions impacting your ability to enjoy the space.

Apollo’s screen and glass enclosures provide another dimension of outside living, completing your home with a partially or fully enclosed living and leisure space. Outdoor living is an integral part of the Australian way of life. An enclosed patio or sunroom means your comfort and lifestyle isn’t dictated by diverse and unpredictable weather. 

If you’re still unsure about the possible uses of your enclosed patio or outdoor space, here are just a few to consider:

1. Entertainment area

Are you tired of constantly moving between your indoor kitchen and outdoor patio? Of having to change your dinner party plans because of the weather? An enclosed patio or sunroom can simplify your entertainment life, making weather and inconvenience distant problems. Include a barbecue, outdoor kitchen and/or pizza oven so you never miss parts of the conversation again. A heater or fireplace can help you add warmth and atmosphere, while rain and wind can be shut out by closing your screening system. Your new enclosed outdoor patio will make your home a much loved place to gather for brunches and celebrations. 

Extra living space

2. Relaxation area

Create your own area for relaxation that still allows you to appreciate the view of your garden. Unwind and escape the hustle and chaos of daily life with comfortable outdoor furniture, a pleasant sounding water feature and soft lighting. Your outside oasis will be perfect for meditation, reading, or even just enjoying a cup of tea or glass of wine in a calm and quiet space. In winter, stay warm as you watch the rain fall whilst cuddling under a blanket. You may like to include hanging plants or a small herb garden to nurture. For added privacy you can add curtains or blinds to your enclosure, with a comfortable pull-out couch to turn the already relaxing space into a temporary guest area. 


3. Area for your pet/s

If you don’t know whether to keep your pet inside or outside, you can place them where they get the benefits of both. With a screened enclosed space, you receive the versatility of gentle cooling breezes and healthy air circulation in summer, whilst also enjoying full protection when the weather becomes cooler. This makes it a perfect area to keep your beloved pet. As a bonus, you contain any shedding to a limited space without compromising any of the comforts of indoor living. 

Pet area

4. Playroom

Turn your enclosed outdoor space into a play area for your children or grandchildren so they have a secure enclosed outside space to enjoy no matter the weather, where you can always keep them under a watchful eye. If you have the space, you could possibly include a sandpit or play structure to create a safe play space where you can keep your kids occupied while you accomplish whatever you need to or relax nearby. You can even age the space with them, changing play structures to craft areas into a more relaxing or entertainment area which brings the family together instead of being in their rooms alone. 


5. Study or Work from Home

With a full glass enclosure or screen enclosure from Apollo Patios, you can turn an unused space into a light and cosy sunroom – perfect for a study. Instead of being holed up working in a room with a single window, enjoy doing your work in a space filled with natural light. Add a fan or aircon in your enclosed area for warmer weather and a heater for the cold. The view and feeling of nature will create an inspiring space for you to focus on your work or study. 

Ultimately, the possibilities for your enclosed patio space are endless. You can create your own space that perfectly reflects your daily needs and enhances your lifestyle. Of course, once you have the structure in place, you can always change the internal design and furnishings as your lifestyle and needs change over the years. But having a weather protected outdoor space will offer you an all year-round light filled area – and that is an investment which adds value to your lifestyle and to your property.  


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