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Creating an Inviting Outdoor Space You Never Want to Leave

Designing the perfect outdoor space requires striking the balance between functionality and allure.

You want a space that beckons to you to spend more time outdoors – whether it’s for entertaining guests, playing with the kids, lounging with a good book, or simply enjoying your coffee in the morning sun.

Yet, you also need a space that functions in ways that align with your lifestyle. While a complete redesign can be great, a few carefully chosen elements and simple additions can be all that you need to transform your patio or outdoor space into an inviting oasis that you won’t want to leave.

Read on to explore some ideas that will help you create an inviting outdoor area you’ll never want to leave.


1. Get some shade 

Protection from the elements is top of the list when creating a comfortable outdoor environment. You need somewhere that provides shelter from the harsh Australian sun and keeps you out of the rain while also offering protection from leaves and debris that can quickly become messy. A patio roof is a common choice and the solution that will offer you the most comprehensive protection. That said, if you don’t want a patio roof or if you are looking for an interim solution, you can also consider using decorative screens to form a canopy or screen. This not only offers shade but also helps define the space, creating the sense that your outdoor area is an extension on your indoor space.

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2. Create ambience with lighting

The right lighting can transform any space and your outdoor area is no exception. From simple fairy lights to dimmable LED and downlights, there are endless possibilities to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Stringing fairy lights around trees or along the perimeter of your patio adds a touch of enchantment. For something more contemporary and functional, install dimmable LED lights that allow you to adjust the brightness as desired. There’s nothing to say you need to keep your lighting above either – wall or floor strip lights are a fantastic way to add character to your outdoor space or stairs.

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3. Go green

Greenery has the remarkable ability to breathe life into any space. Consider adding pot plants, a succulent garden, or even a green wall to your outdoor area. Alternatively, raised garden beds can offer you the added benefit of homegrown vegetables and the opportunity to flex your green thumb. Whatever you choose, lush foliage will transform the atmosphere while allowing you to connect with nature.

Go green

4. Make it secluded

Having a secluded, private space where you can feel comfortable doing anything you like away from prying eyes is crucial to the design of your outdoor space. This doesn’t mean you need to fence off or enclose the entire area. Strategically placed shrubs or trees are excellent natural screens. These living elements not only provide a sense of solitude but also contribute to the overall beauty of your outdoor area.

Patio - fairy lights

5. Curate your furniture

Your choice of furniture plays a pivotal role in creating a space where you and your guests can unwind and indulge in relaxation. An extra-large cosy couch provides ample space for everyone to sprawl out and catch up. For a touch of style and comfort, consider adding a pod chair. Surprisingly ergonomic due to their egg shape, pod chairs offer a unique seating experience that will elevate the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. Built in seating with secret storage space can be a great way to boost the functionality of your outdoor area.


6. Consider enclosing it

Depending on your local climate and your lifestyle preferences, a patio enclosure can be an innovative and practical solution that transforms your outside space into an all year round retreat. Use a screened patio to enclose and secure the space while still allowing natural airflow and light to filter in. If you would like added protection from the weather, you can add glass screens as well as mesh screens – the right system will allow you to open everything up when you want to. With an enclosed space, you can enjoy the tranquil view of your backyard and gentle breeze without worrying about dust, dirt, or unwelcome wildlife disrupting your outdoor experience.


7. Create a space for outdoor movie nights

Imagine cosying up under the stars with loved ones for an outdoor movie night. Set up a projector or large screen, arrange comfortable seating with blankets and pillows and install soft lighting to create an enchanting atmosphere. Whether you’re watching a classic film or the latest blockbuster, this outdoor movie night space will surely become a favourite gathering spot. Don’t forget the popcorn!

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