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How much does a Patio roof cost?

Are you in the market to build a patio roof? Well, if you’re trying to find out how much it’ll cost, then you’ve come to the right place because so many factors determine the price of building your perfect outdoor entertainment area. At Apollo Patios, we offer a range of high-quality, durable patio roofing options for various styles and budgets.

In this blog, we’ll review all the factors contributing to patio roof cost.

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What influences the price of a patio roof?

The total cost of adding a patio roof can vary significantly. Besides their size, various things are considered when determining the price of patio roofs. Here are some of the factors involved:


Patio roofing style and materials

A key component of the patio cost is what roof style you prefer as this will influence the materials required and overall cost of your project.

For some patios, a particular roof style is required to make the patio work, especially where there are spatial limitations or a second storey. In other instances, a patio roof style may be selected on aesthetics alone, to contrast or enhance the existing home design. It’s good to note that some roof styles will naturally use more materials to complete the desired look.

Choose from a wide variety of roof styles; from a sleek fly-over or skillion style roof to a more traditional gable patio or a combination of a number of styles.

You do not want to skimp on the quality of the materials, or it will cost you more in the long run. At Apollo Patios, we use only high-quality materials that are made to endure Australia’s weather conditions.

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Patio roofing options

In addition to the roof style, the roofing option that you select is a major contributor to patio cover costs, as different kinds of roofing can cost more than others. To make an outdoor space remarkable, you must ensure that the structure you are adding complements and enhances the existing home design. Here are the different kinds of patio roofing:

Single-skin patio roofing

You can opt for single-skin roofing for the affordable option when building your patio roof. This roof style is specifically built to handle Australia’s weather conditions. The top side of the single-skin patio roofing is finished with a moderate gloss to reflect the sun’s rays, while the underside has a high gloss finish of to reflect more light into your home and is easy to maintain and resilient to mould growth.

The single-skin patio roofing comes in two different profiles – Apollo Unilink 2000 and Apollo Unilink 2000 Outdoor Flat Mark II, which are both specially coated using Apollo Durasheen finish and come with a 15-year warranty (terms and conditions apply). Note: Maxisatin is available on Unilink 2000 profile only.

This style of patio roofing is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to maximise the natural light in your outdoor area and have that modern look that is so appealing.

Insulated panel patio roofing

Insulated panel patio roofing is the style of choice for a roof that requires excellent noise absorption and needs to offer optimum comfort. Insulated roofing is an all-in-one roof and ceiling with large spanning capabilities and superior thermal qualities.

This specific roofing style comes in two different profile options: a Trimlink Profile and a Corrugated Profile, which can vary in thickness (from 50mm to 200mm) and span up to 12.5m. This style of patio roofing also allows you to add additional accessories such as integrated provision for fans and lights or a skylight for optimal natural lighting.

This is a premium roofing option, however it does mean that your ceiling won’t show any unsightly rafters or battens; they have excellent noise absorption, look sleek and modern and have a reduced level of radiant heat transfer.

Louvred patio roofing

For a patio where you want absolute control of airflow, rain, and sunlight entering the area, the Adjustable Louvred Roofing will be the perfect fit for you, thanks to the motorised rotating louvres. With this style of patio roof, you can entertain and barbeque rain or shine.

The price of an open-roof patio will differ according to the size, configurations and accessories you’d prefer to add.

We offer the Louvered patio roof in various configurations to suit your unique needs and complement your style. Yes, this style will cost more than a traditional style patio, but with that comes full customisation: the ability to adjust your shelter dynamically, and can include things like optional rain sensors & app control. *Please do however keep in mind that this option is not available in all locations/states.

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Patio roofing profiles

As mentioned previously, within the different kinds of patio roofs, there are also various profiles to choose from. Please ask your Design Consultant how this make affect your quote.

Here are our profile options at Apollo Patios:

Single-skin patio roofing

  • Apollo Unilink 2000
  • Apollo Unilink 2000 Outdoor Flat Mark II

Insulated panel patio roofing

  • Trimlink Profile
  • Corrugated profile

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Patio roofing colours

With a custom patio comes a range of colours to choose from, while you will be able to choose from a standard range there may be special considerations for example if you live close to the sea and require a specialised product.

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Now that you know what to expect regarding the cost of building a patio roof, contact our team for a quote for your project. We also offer responsible lending options with flexible finance to help you get the patio you’ve dreamed of at an affordable price.

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