Pergolas Sizes Guide

Pergolas offer the perfect space for outdoor socialising and dining. Whether it is a respite from the sun or a space to relax that you crave, or even adding value to your home, Apollo Patios has the pergola for you.

Deciding what size your pergola should be can be one of the hardest parts of choosing your pergola, leaving many people overwhelmed and unsure where to start.

At Apollo Patios, all our pergolas are fully customisable rather than standard set sizes, which means that your pergola is designed specifically for you and your lifestyle and how you want to use the outdoor space.

Our guide explores standard pergola sizes to help you find a size that works for you.

Let’s explore these sizes together in our size guide.

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What Are The Standard Pergolas Sizes?

While we can customise to your specific requirements, here are some of the more popular pergola sizing options we see. We have broken them down into small, medium, and large pergolas to help you quickly find the perfect size for you.

All the pergola sizes are given in meters.

Small Pergolas

Small pergolas are usually created as rectangular or squares, with square sizes like 2 x 2 m or 2.5 x 2.5 m, or rectangular sizes like 1. 8 x 1.2 m. These are ideal for use as a path archway, sitting over a garden bench, or a small sitting area and two chairs, suiting smaller gardens or homes that don’t often entertain large parties.

Small pergolas are perfect for growing plants with or covering part of a small patio, as a yard’s centrepiece or grill canopy, providing a practical shaded space while cooking. In addition to square or rectangle shapes we also offer pergolas that are not straight-forward shapes, such as a triangle shaped pergola. This may be where you want one side of your pergola to protrude or attach to the home, please ask your Design Consultant for more detail.

Medium Pergolas

Medium pergolas typically come as squares or rectangles. You can find medium square sizes like 3 m x 3 m and rectangular spaces like 5 x 3 m. These popular sizes offer space for a small seating area, suitable for entertaining some guests or serving your family dinner alfresco. An outdoor dining table should fit comfortably under a medium-sized pergola.

Medium pergolas also offer space as a dedicated plant area, or providing privacy and protection from the elements for items such as an outdoor shower or spa. They are sometimes used as partial shade for an outdoor living space, such as near decks or pools.

Large Pergolas

Large pergolas are ideal for a large deck or patio area. Square sizes of these include 10 x 10 m, and rectangular pergolas are often 3 x 4 m or 6 x 3 m. These sizes can house a round dining table and chairs, or a pub-style table and chairs. These larger pergolas also have space for an outdoor couch, making fantastic relaxed seating areas. These suit larger patios or homes that host large parties where all guests want to be shaded.

These pergolas can also be used to break up larger gardens, creating different sections of your patio or deck. You can decide whether your pergola is open or incorporates additional protection such as a decorative screen canopy. You can have any of these sizes, or a custom-sized pergola created by Apollo Patios, bringing your outdoor dreams to life.

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What To Consider Before Choosing A Pergola Size?

Several factors should be considered before you choose a pergola size for your garden. Below, each factor is broken down to help you find the right size pergola for your yard.

Available Space

Start by measuring the space in your yard for the pergola. Consider whether you want the pergola to fill the available space or sit as a centrepiece in the middle to help make your choice. A larger pergola could fill all of your area, but if you don’t want it to fill the entire garden, you could opt for a smaller attached pergola to free up more space in your yard.

The Type Of Pergola You Want

The type of pergola you want should be considered before choosing the size. A freestanding pergola will look good no matter its size if it fits the space. However, an attached pergola that is too big or small for the wall or building it’s attached to can quickly look out of proportion.

Furniture You Want In The Pergola

To get the correct size pergola, measure the furniture that you want to place in your pergola. You will want enough space for all the furniture to fit comfortably, with room to access the furniture and move around without bumping into items.

You don’t want the space to feel cluttered; opting for a walkway or space between each piece of furniture will make the pergola feel larger, even if you are working with a smaller space. Use a clear space to lay out your furniture as a test for how much space you need.

Purpose Of Your Pergola

Do you need to add privacy or protection to your current outdoor area? Is your pergola to be an outdoor dining space? Are you adding a pergola to create a defined outdoor zone?

Ask yourself these questions to determine the purpose of the pergola. Knowing its purpose can help you decide the correct pergola size for your home. You might not need a large pergola if the intended purpose is shade for your dining table or to cover a small patio.

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Why Are Determining Pergola Sizes & Dimensions Important For Planning?

Determining sizes and dimensions when planning your pergola is vital to ensure that you have a pergola that is going to be useful now and into the future. Several reasons why are outlined below for you to explore.

Your Pergola Might Not Fit The Space

To ensure that your pergola fits both your vision and your backyard it is important to measure your desired pergola and visualise how much space you will have once it is completed. Your Design Consultant will guide you to ensure the right pergola for your space is chosen. The same applies for pergolas that are too small for the area; these could look lost in larger yards or not cover enough of the yard, thus not providing the shade you wanted.

Both freestanding and attached pergolas have this issue, with attached pergolas easily looking out of proportion or falling short of the patio if the incorrect size is ordered.

Your Pergola Is Not Fit For Purpose

Getting the size wrong with your pergola can leave it unfit for it’s intended purpose. This might mean you have to get a smaller set of furniture or incorporate less into the space than you anticipated. It’s always best to measure and mark out with a tape so you can visualise it’s size and ensure it will be the perfect pergola.

Your Pergola Costs More

You could incur extra costs if you do not plan it carefully and purchase the wrong size pergola. Adapting or extending your pergola once built can be costly as well as a waste of materials.

In some cases, the pergola might not be suitable to fit the space with adjustments, leaving you to pay twice for another, more suitable pergola. Measuring correctly and working out the dimensions for your pergola will save you time and money in the long run.

Need Help Designing Your New Pergola? Book A Free Design Consultation

Getting the right size for your pergola can require effort, but it is worth it when you have a stunning pergola that fits your yard and is fit for purpose. You can enlist the help of Apollo Patios to design a custom pergola that fits your space perfectly, matches your home aesthetic, and is fit for purpose.

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