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Verandah Vs Patio – What's The Difference?

Are you unsure which will suit your yard better, a verandah or a patio? Maybe you have heard conflicting advice about patios and verandahs and can’t decide between them? Or are you unsure of the difference between verandahs and patios and want more information?

No matter your question, here at Apollo Patios, we have the answers for you. Deciding how to design your outdoor space can be tricky, but we can help. The differences between verandahs and patios are listed below, along with their pros and cons, to help you decide what will suit your outdoor living space best.

Let’s see how you can enhance your outdoor entertaining with a veranda or patio today.

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What Are The Design Differences Between A Verandah And Patio?

The main difference between a verandah and a patio is that a verandah is a roofed structure that is attached to your exterior home walls, often wrapping around the house, while a patio is a area that extends outwards from your home.

Patios often have roof to provide coverage and protection. The patio will usually sit level with the home or step down if on the ground floor and can be as large or small as you like.

A verandah will often wrap around your home, attached to the exterior walls with poles connecting the verandah’s roof to the patio or deck underneath. Verandas offer cover to an existing porch, deck, or patio area in your home, increasing the usability of the space.

Both verandahs and patios can have temporary wall structures added to them to block the wind or rain.

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What Are The Functionality Differences Between A Verandah And Patio?

The functional difference between a verandah and a patio is that a verandah offers protection and coverage from the elements, while a patio is designed to be an outdoor space used for dining or relaxing.

A patio can be used for many things, such as an outdoor kitchen, outdoor living area, or a play area for your children. The choice is yours, and you can change the function of your patio as often as you like.

A verandah’s function remains the same to protect the area below it. How you use the area is up to you, but the verandah will always shelter you from extreme heat, rain, or wind.

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What Are The Maintenance Requirements Of A Verandah And Patios?

A verandah and a patio require regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them looking fresh and functional. Both a patio and a verandah can have gutters which need to be regularly cleared to ensure water doesn’t build up.

Maintaining A Verandah

Verandahs require frequent maintenance. You need to clean them regularly, taking care to remove dirt and debris to prevent it from causing damage.

Your verandah will likely be fitted with gutters and drain pipes, which must be cleaned regularly. Should you not, blockages can occur, meaning that water will not be collected and drained away correctly, leading to leaks, burst pipes, and costly repairs. Gutters should be cleaned twice a year; this can be done yourself or with the help of a professional.

Maintaining A Patio

A patio must be hosed down and brushed regularly as part of its maintenance. This removes dirt and debris, keeping your patio appearing fresh and clean.


What Are The Benefits Of A Verandah?

There are several benefits to adding a verandah to your home, outlined below for you.

They Increase Your Living Space

A verandah can increase your living space, offering space for an expanding family or entertainment. Stretching out from your house, the outdoor structure can provide additional space for your children to play, for you to serve dinner, or to entertain family and friends.

The covered outdoor space can also be used how you see fit, creating a versatile living space that will serve you for years to come.

They Offer Weather Protection

The roof of a verandah offers weather protection and allows you to use the space underneath year round. The roof protects you from wind or rain, keeping you dry and allowing you to serve dinner outdoors regardless of the weather. The roof also offers protection from the sun’s rays, preventing overheating and making the porch usable even during heatwaves.

The roof can also be customised with Apollo Patios, with options like a gable roof creating a unique structure or making your entry porch a focal point of your home.

They Can Be Sustainable

Not only does a verandah increase the usability of the outdoor living space below it, but it can also improve the sustainability of your home. As a verandah blocks the sun’s rays, it can prevent them from entering your home, keeping interior rooms cooler. This means your air conditioning can be used less, reducing your electricity bills and carbon footprint.

As the structure attached to your home extends outwards, it protects your exterior walls from the wind and rain, preventing any damage they could cause and reducing the chance of expensive repairs.

What Are The Drawbacks Of A Verandah?

A verandah does come with a few drawbacks, which are listed below.

They Require Regular Maintenance

A verandah needs regular maintenance, especially to their gutters and drain pipes. Blockages in these can cause leaks or water to pool around your verandah and the area underneath, causing damage and requiring repairs.

With Apollo Patios, their verandahs come with a superior paint finish, which boasts a solid warranty, taking one thing off your maintenance list and providing you with peace of mind that the materials are protected.

They Can Get Cold

Verandahs can repel heat in the summer, keeping you cool, but without outdoor heating, they can be cold spaces during the winter. Outdoor heating can keep them warm, but this can come at an additional cost that not every budget can stretch to.

A cold verandah is less likely to be used, reducing the usability of your outdoor living spaces.

When Should You Buy A Verandah Over A Patio?

A verandah should be purchased over a patio when you want to attach a roof to the walls of your home to cover the area underneath. If you want to transform the outdoor space on more than one exterior wall, a verandah is a fine choice, wrapping around your home and offering a covered outdoor space for you to enjoy.

A verandah is better if you want a covered shelter and aren’t too bothered about them feeling cold during the winter. You can read more about a custom-designed verandah with Apollo Patios, should this seem the better choice for your outdoor space.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Patio?

There are a few benefits to a patio in your outdoor living space. These are outlined below for you to view now.

They Make Smaller Homes Feel Spacious

A patio is an excellent way to make smaller homes feel spacious without paying for an extension. The doors to your home can open onto your patio, creating an outdoor dining space that feels light and airy.

The patio area can be customised as you see fit. They are often used as outdoor kitchens, BBQ or dining areas, perfect for entertaining large parties or for your family to enjoy during the summer.

They Can Add Value To Your Home

An outdoor living area like a patio can add value to your home. Should the paved outdoor area be correctly installed, you can attract more potential buyers and possibly a higher price for your home. The outdoor area acts as another room, increasing the size of your property and the amount you can ask for.

Of course, the patio needs to be installed correctly and regularly maintained to attract buyers; no one wants a damaged patio they need to spend money on to repair when they should be enjoying outdoor relaxation on it!

They Offer Weather Protection

A patio adds protection from the weather and encourages year-round use of the space. You don’t need to worry about extreme heat or the rain soaking your furniture and guests.

Louvres or slats can also be added to your patio, adding warmth, privacy, and extra protection from the wind.

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What Are The Drawbacks Of A Patio?

There are also some drawbacks to adding a patio to your yard, listed below.

A Level Surface Is Needed

A patio must be built on a level surface. Should your garden not be level, you must have the area levelled before a patio can be built. Doing so can add cost, especially if you hire a professional. This should be considered part of your budget when you consider whether you want to add a patio to your property.

To add a patio, you will need a level surface and possibly work done to prepare a foundation. Apollo Patios will match you with experienced local builders in your area who can provide specific guidance and create a space that suits your yard.

When Should You Buy A Patio Over A Verandah?

A patio should be purchased over a verandah should you want to extend the space in your home without necessarily adding a roof. A verandah provides a versatile space for outdoor entertaining or dining and is suitable for any garden size.

Read more about building a custom-designed patio with Apollo Patios if a patio seems like the best option for your home.

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Create A Custom Designed Verandah Or Patio With Apollo Patios

Now that we have established the key differences between a verandah and a patio, we hope you can see the best option for your outdoor spaces. Whether you want a relaxing space or somewhere sheltered from the rain, a patio or verandah can be the perfect option.

Plus, with the help of Apollo Patios, you can create a customised patio or verandah made from high-quality, durable materials and expert craftsmanship, providing you with years of happy times ahead.

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